A series of cases form the basis of the BTG project. In each case a research team with a new technology with commercial potential was introduced to an experienced external entrepreneur and new teams were made. More than 9 new technology spin-outs were accomplished based on the bridging the gap model.  

Though every case is unique, the cases show how experienced entrepreneurs and researchers can co-exist to improve the commercialization process by creating common commercialization goals and allowing those goals to direct the research development process. This successful co-existence helps to create a dynamic interaction between the laboratory and the market structures, which eliminates much of the information asymmetry associated with new technologies, and leads to shorter time to exploitation of opportunities including the spin-out of new ventures.

Though also faced with some challenges, the outcome of using the BTG model is the launching of companies with more sustainable technologies and better market fit, which helped them attract more suitable financing deals.

At these pages you can explore some of the cases involved in the BTG project.

Currently the cases are from DTU Chemistry and DTU Fotonik, however, we are working on establishing collaboration with other Departments at DTU and other universities in Denmark, so please contact us, if you are interested in using the model in your institution.

Selected cases