External Entrepreneurs

At the core of the BTG model is the realization of the important role that experienced entrepreneurs, who are not part of the official university system, can play by being actively involved in the technology transfer process; not as mentors or advisors but as part of the teams, investing time and possibly money into realizing a commercial outcome. The BTG model introduces the external entrepreneur in an in-spe CEO position as an integral part of the innovation and commercialization process.

We are working with a broad range of external entrepreneurs. See some examples to the right. Each individual case is analyzed and external entrepreneurs are selected based on the needs of the case and founder team, but we have identified some general criteria the external entrepreneur should meet.

Criteria for external entrepreneur candidates:

  1. Insight and network in specific tech business area
  2. Experience in spin-outs/entrepreneurship
  3. Full engagement
  4. Sales and marketing
  5. People skills


If you are interested in joining the network of external entrepreneurs please contact the project team.
Peter M. V. Skovgaard

Peter M. V. Skovgaard
CEO Norlase

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Erik Hoffmann-Petersen

Erik Hoffmann-Petersen
CEO Specshell