About Bridging the Gap

Bridging the Gap (BTG) is a 2-year project funded by The Danish Industry Foundation. The goal of Bridging the Gap is to create a new innovation model which will increase the rate at which danish universities can spin-out new technology ventures. By introducing  experienced external entrepreneurs into research teams at a very early stage and monitor the progress closely for a number of selected cases, the project will test the efficiency and benefits of the proposed model.

Advisory Board:

  • Marianne Thellersen
    Senior Vice President, Innovation and Entrepreneurship DTU
  • Mads Lebech
    CEO, The Danish Industry Foundation
  • Anders Hoffmann
    Deputy Director General, Department for Business Development and Internal Realtions
  • Erling H. Stenby
    Head of Department, DTU Chemistry
  • Lars-Ulrik Aaen Andersen
    Head of Department, DTU Fotonik
  • Peter Tøttrup
    CEO, IR See


Currently the cases are from DTU Chemistry and DTU Fotonik, however, we are working on establishing collaboration with other Departments at DTU and other universities in Denmark, so please contact one of the project team (in the boxes to the right), if you are interested in using the model in your institution.

Majken Kramer Overgaard

Special Advisor
DTU Chemistry


Jes Broeng

DTU Fotonik


Monika Luniewska

Innovation Agent
DTU Fotonik